Living green has become an important matter in today’s society. Hence, the FBG Service Corporation has recently attested all buildings in the Hawkeye Community college with the GREENGUARD cleaning program. This movement was aimed to increase environmental quality for all students and staff who develop their activity in the campus and to assure them with a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

What is more, the program was developed by Diversey Inc., a pioneer in this industry. Also, it was hoped that this way more people are going to become more eco-conscious and acknowledge all the issues that out planet is currently confronting with. In order to do this, the program makes use of different means, from specialized training programs, state of the art equipment, different procedures and diverse cleaning methods.

In addition, Tom Montgomery, who is the District Manager, affirmed that the entire program puts the needs of the people above all, and that it is specially designed for them. He added that they always had innovative ideas when it came to the environment quality. The main goal of the program is to make sure that all occupants are safe and healthy.

Furthermore, Mr. Montgomery said in his speech from the press release, that operational saving played a major role for Hawkeye. He argued that adopting the GREENGUARD certificate was a very easy decision once they became aware of how many benefits it will bring along. It made full sense for them to invest into a program of this kind, if that meant all students and employees were going to live in a healthier and safer environment and that they will become more productive.

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