Method, a company that produces sustainable cleaners was recently purchased by the giant Ecover. These two eco-friendly companies have merged creating the biggest green product supplier in the world. Furthermore, Ecover is a Belgium company, and was established in 1980. It used to be the first manufacturer of green cleaning products in the world, and since then it has been continuously associated with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

On the other hand, we have Method, which is also specialized in natural cleaning products that are based entirely on sustainable ingredients. Its beliefs resemble Ecover’s, hence there won’t be significant changes now that the companies have merged. Their combined annual sales will reach $200 million. Also, the companies will distribute their products across Europe, Asia and the United Sates. Still, although the companies have merged, the brands will remain separate.

In addition, the CEO of Ecover, Philip Malmber stated that this is the start of a wonderful partnership between these two companies. It will allow them to come up with more innovative ideas, improve the products offered, and provide their customers only with the best possible line of products. Also, it will be a pleasure too, since they share the same passion. He added that these two companies have unified their forces to enter one of the strongest and fastest growing markets at this moment.

Also, Method was previously owned by San Francisco Equity Partners. It was founded more recently than Ecover, in 2000, but so far it managed to spread in various retail locations all over North America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Its products can be found in over 40,000 places. Likewise, it grew with more than 400% since it was founded because it fulfills all its clients’ needs. One of its main advantages is that if offers an entire transparent approach in relation with its products. It offers more than sixty different cleaning products, laundry detergents, soaps and many other household items, all being certified by the Cradle to Cradle program.

Likewise, Ecover currently sells thirty-five natural household cleaners and laundry products, available in forty countries, being a giant player in this industry. It has eco practices during the entire process of manufacture. It uses only recyclable materials, renewable energy and biodegradable materials. Overall, the fusion between the 2 companies will bring nothing but good news for those who want to lean an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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