The green cleaning industry has been recently hit by big news. The European green cleaning company, Ecover, bought the American company Method. The enterprise is based in San Francisco and was established by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan. It specializes in packaging and design innovation. For example, they manufacture hand soap bottles with anthropomorphic rodents shapes manufactured from oceanic trash. At the same time, Method focuses on expanding the line of biodegradable and green personal care items, laundry detergents and cleaning products. The recent acquisition had a secret sum. However, this entire process has converted Ecover into the world’s biggest green cleaning product supplier. Its annual revenues are expected to be somewhere around $200 million.

Ecover was founded by Frans Bogaerts in 1980. Its current headquarters are in Belgium, Malle and has operations in Switzerland and France. Since its creation, Ecover has grown to be the favorite green cleaning company in the entire Europe. The company has a healthy presence in the United States, but it’s quite small. Only 10% of the businesses are directed here. In North America, the continuously developing industry of eco – friendly cleaners is dominated by huge companies like Method and Seventh Generation. Method products are certified by Cradle to Cradle and are deliciously scented. Moreover, they can be found in over 40,000 retail shops in Australia, the United State, Asia and Europe. Before the sale, the owner of the company was San Francisco Equity Partners, an equity firm.

Method fans must not despair. The popular green cleaning products aren’t going anywhere. Even though they merged, Method and Ecover will still be 2 distinct brands. This acquisition will just help Ecover break into the American market. Subsequently, Ecover will “attack” the Asian market. The press release says that the fusion will enable global distribution reach and a combined product range. At the same time, it will ensure that both Method and Ecover have an international platform. Moreover, the combined approach towards development, research and innovation will be more powerful and will benefit both companies and clients.

The fusion of the 2 brands is sensible and clever because they are both focused on making consumers’ lives happier and healthier and they concentrate on innovation and sustainability. It is a win – win situation. Ecover and Method will strengthen each other and will continue to manufacture eco – friendly products that will help the people and the environment.

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