Vinegar is an ingredient that can be found in every kitchen. Most people use it for salads and different recipes, but vinegar is also an excellent cleaner, stain remover and deodorizer. Distilled white vinegar is the most powerful for these cleaning procedures. However, rice vinegar and apple cider vinegar are equally efficient. Balsamic vinegar and the other dark vinegars must not be used for cleaning purposes.

Vinegar can be used for cleaning any kind of surface. You can use it as it is or diluted in water. It removes grime and dirt, and leaves no buildup or streaks. It can wipe away the dirt from metal appliances, ceramic surfaces, counters, hard floors or windows. It keeps these surfaces polished and clean. Straight vinegar is efficient for shower tiles and acid vinegar is great for removing scale on sinks and bathtubs. Vinegar can also be used for smelly or slow drains. All you have to do is pour some solution on the drain and then flush with plenty of hot water. To make it even more powerful, you can mix vinegar with baking soda. The drain will move more quickly and will smell fresher.

Vinegar can also be used to remove all kinds of stains such as gums, glues, mildew and stains from pens on furniture, on walls and in carpeting. Blot the stain in vinegar and remove it with a cloth. Try to do this while the stain is still fresh. This ingredient can also remove stains on clothes. It is efficient with stains like red wine. Leave the garment in a solution of vinegar and water for 24 hours and then use a towel to remove it. Afterwards, wash the garment in vinegar and cold water.

Vinegar is also efficient when rinsing the laundry. It makes the clothes softer and more delicate. It acts like a fabric softener, but it’s more gentle and greener. You can use it for baby clothes. Vinegar is an excellent deodorizer, removing all persisting odors. This miraculous ingredient is healthy for the hair as well. Rinsing the hair with cool water and vinegar will make it shiny and soft. It can even soothe sunburned or itchy skin or insect bites. Thus, vinegar is an ingredient that should not miss from your house. Besides the fact that you can use it for literally everything, it is also green and healthy.


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