Stainless steel is commonly used for surfaces and household appliances. It is usually employed for countertops, sinks and different appliances, and although you might not agree it can be cleaned very easily using natural cleansers. You can either purchase a special ecological product for this type of surfaces or you can prepare you own organic cleaning mixture at home. There are various green cleaning options available to you and several of them are presented below.

The first one is baking soda, one of the most popular natural cleansers. It is extremely efficient when it comes to removing grease and stains. It can be used for different purposes and is a 100% eco-friendly. It can be used to clean stainless steel sinks, pots, countertops and many others. They all respond very well to this substance. Also, you can use this substance in different combinations. For instance, it can be mixed with hot water and the paste created can be used on any type of surface. Likewise, if you add a little essential oil you obtain a terrific antibacterial solution.

Furthermore, lemons are some of the strongest cleaning agents. You can use them for different items from the kitchen and it will leave stainless steel appliances brand new. You can use a piece of cloth damped into a mixture of lemons and vinegar, and wipe with it the surfaces. It works wonders. Likewise, a halved lemon with a little baking soda on the top will remove even the most difficult stains. Not to mention that lemons will leave behind a very fresh, pleasurable smell, much nicer than chemical air fresheners.

In addition, there are other types of cleaners in your kitchen that might prove extremely efficient. For instance, the Barkeeper’s Friend, the Bon Ami powder and KopperKleen are perfect eco-friendly substances that you can use for your stainless steel cookware, appliances and all types of surfaces in general. They do not contain bleach and other toxic substance and you can trust them to remove even the toughest stains.

Likewise, there are various green cleaners on the market that are specially designed for stainless steel surfaces. For instance, you should try Earth Friendly, Seventh Generation or Bioshield. These are all companies with only natural products that are extremely efficient when it comes to cleaning. All in all, it doesn’t matter if you make your own cleanser or if you buy one from the store, as long as it is entirely organic and safe.

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