Taking good care of the home is extremely important, but just as important is the way you do it. These days, more and more people have become conscious that it is not only about the cleaning and that it counts just as much what type of products you use, what they contain and their quality. It has been demonstrated that the majority of cleaning products existent on the market include extremely toxic substances that might cause serious illnesses, allergies and even cancer. Likewise, they are harmful for the environment. All these dangerous substances go down the drain and infiltrate into the soil and reach the water reserves, destroying the natural habitats and contaminating the area.

This is why it would be a much better option to switch to green cleaning. Natural products are far more recommended. They do not represent a risk for your health and will not harm the nature either. Also, they can be simply purchased form stores or make you can them at home using basic ingredients. What is more, there are many people who prefer creating their own organic cleansers, following original recipes. The results are amazing, the ingredients needed are extra-cheap and they are one hundred percent safe. Anyone can do it!

In addition, if the idea appeals to you because you are also concerned about the adverse effects chemical cleansers have, you can try with something easy, like creating laundry soap for the washer. Regular laundry detergents have strong, artificial flagrances and several substances that can cause allergies and irate your skin. Also, they are not cheap either. Therefore, you can buy a few ingredients and use them to create your own, efficient laundry detergent. Below you are explained exactly what to do.

To begin with, pour four cups of water into a pot and heat it, but do not boil it. Then, slice small pieces from a bar of regular body soap, no matter what brand and put them into the water. Leave the slices until they melt completely. After that, add half a cup of borax powder and half of washing soda and blend everything together. You can find all these substances in grocery stores. Furthermore, you will have to put two gallons of hot water into a large bucket, where you add your soap mixture. Stir everything and let it sit during the night. The next day you will find a gel solution. Use half a cup of this gel for every washing cycle, instead of your regular detergent.

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