Your floors will have less dirt buildup and dust if you use a special floor cleaning spray and a dry mop. Still, commercial floor cleaning sprays can be extremely harmful and dangerous for your personal health and for the environment. The alternative would be to utilize a green and natural floor cleaning spray or even make your own organic cleaner with household ingredients.

Most commercial cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds that are released in the air. Thus, they affect outdoor and indoor air quality. When drained, these toxic chemicals are also affecting the water quality. Additionally, traditional cleaning products lead to health reactions like skin rashes, difficult breathing and watery eyes. On the other hand, natural cleaning sprays aren’t toxic and include a minimum amount of VOCs. Therefore, they are gentler for the house and the environment. Moreover, these natural ingredients cannot cause adverse health effects. A final argument would be that green cleaning products come in recycled and biodegradable packages.

Organic floor cleaning products aren’t the same with green cleaning products. Organic cleaners are made from organic ingredients. Green floor sprays include natural or organic substances and preservatives or other low – risk chemicals. Green floor cleaner ingredients depend on the manufacturer and common natural ingredients are water, citric acid and sodium carbonate. Additional ingredients are preservatives and natural fragrances that expand the lifespan of the product.

The easiest way to use the natural cleaning spray is to actually spray it on the dry mop. The mop will immediately absorb the solution and can be used right away on the floor surfaces. The smaller areas can be cleaned by spraying the solution on the floor. Then, take the dry mop and remove the dirt or spills. The best results can be obtained by sticking to the bottle’s instructions. This way, you can also reduce the risks of harming yourself, your family or the floors.

There are also numerous homemade alternatives. You can make green floor cleaners with various household ingredients. For instance, you can prepare a mixture of water (1/2 gallon) and white distilled vinegar (1/2 cup). This solution will remove dirt from linoleum floors. This recipe is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. The combination of water and distilled vinegar is also efficient for wood floors and tiles. Use a spray bottle to keep any of these solutions and you’ll have your own natural floor cleaning spray.

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