Now that technology has finally evolved, cleaning products have also changed their ingredients to 180 degrees. New types have appeared, as well as cleaning equipment that you might have never expected to be invented.

However, while all these products are efficient and will eliminate dirt, just some of them are not toxic. Most of them contain strong chemical substances that harm the environment and endanger the health of your family, and that’s why they should be avoided. Below is a quick presentation of the most used house cleaners and what are they made of.

Among the most used house cleaners are vacuum cleaners. They have been designed to keep carpets clean, and wash away dust, grim and any dirt that could cause allergies or many other health issues. Nevertheless, although they can clean extremely well, some vacuum cleaners can be a threat at the same time. Some of them do not have special filters that strain allergens inside, and release them in the air. For this reason, it is highly advisable to opt for a HEPS filter vacuum. It will keep inside even the smallest particles.

Secondly, there are air fresheners that are the primary solution most people turn to in order to remove unpleasant scents from their home. They usually work just fine, but there are some products that while refreshing the smells in your home also release chemical toxins in the air that you will breathe later. EPA carried on a study that showed there are air fresheners that contain phthalates and many other chemical substances that can even cause cancer. As an alternative, you could use flowers for a natural smell.

On third place we have the dishwashing liquid, one of the most frequently used liquids in our home. It cleans grease and stains from out plates and is indispensable. However, did you know that it can be dangerous at the same time? It has been demonstrated that dishwasher liquid contains extremely toxic substances, such as Quarternium 15 which causes skin irritation and inflammation and releases various carcinogenic substances. Therefore, it is highly advisable to opt to a more natural dishwashing solution made from herbs and organic ingredients.

All in all, it is true that most modern house cleaning products are extremely helpful and enable you to take care of your home easier. But since they can be so dangerous at the same time, you should always look for products that contain more natural ingredients and stay away from extremely toxic substances.

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