Did you know that the products you use to clean your home can actually do more harm than good? Most regular cleaning products contain extremely strong, harmful substances, such as bleach and ammonia that can cause burns, skin inflammations and eye irritation. Likewise, they contain toxic gases like chloramine which is dangerous, especially if inhaled. Therefore, why expose us to so many risks when there are so many efficient alternatives?

 Read on to find out more on how to clean your house in a safer, eco-friendly manner. You will need cleaning bags, an electrostatic duster a vacuum with HEPA filter, hot water, a natural glass cleaner, recyclable microfiber cloth and an all-purpose, environmentally friendly cleaner.

 Let us check out this 3-step process to clean dry rooms. You start by dusting the ceiling, the air vents and all other surfaces with an electrostatic duster. It will remove all dirt without having to use any of the regular furniture cleaners that contain petroleum distillated in their composition. This substance causes eye and lung irritation, whereas an electrostatic duster will not. After that, you will vacuum the carpet. Choose your vacuum carefully. It is much better to opt for one with a HEPA filter because it particulates air efficiently. This type of filter enables you to remove up to 99.97% of the particles. Finally, use you recyclable microfiber piece of cloth to clean the windows and the glass surfaces. For a more effective cleaning, use vinegar or lemon juice. Avoid using ammonia. You can wash and reuse you microfiber cloth.

 In addition, here is how you can clean a wet room. Just like in a dry room, do not use paper towels and chemical cleaners. Instead of them opt for a cotton rag. You can soak it in hot water mixed with soap and it will clean perfectly all the surfaces. It works perfectly for the nastiest stains in the kitchen and bathroom. It there is a more difficult stain, you can spray a small amount from an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Choose one that carries the Green Seal logo.

 Next, you can clean the toilet bowl by using vinegar and baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda in the toilet, wait a few second and add white vinegar. Scrub it with a toilet brush and flush. It will be clean as a whistle. Finally, you can clean clogged drains with baking soda and vinegar. Pour down the drain ½ cup of baking soda, followed by ½ cup of white vinegar. Wait a few minutes and pour a cup of boiling water. Repeat the process if necessary. It will show off better results than expected and it is a much safer solution than chemical products that could end up in the soil.

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