All TV commercials that market the miracle of household cleaners and disinfectants may have excellent outcomes, but still the real question is, at what price? Most of them contain extremely strong chemical substances that endanger our health and expose our families to various risks of developing illnesses and these things are much more important than killing germs.

 There are two types of bacteria in our homes: good bacteria that are useful and constantly fight and bad bacteria that involuntarily exist in our homes. However, if bad bacteria became predominant in our environment we would start feeling diverse symptoms of illnesses, we would get sick and notice unpleasant odor, mildew or mold.

 In addition, when you become ill the first thing you will probably do is visit a doctor who will prescribe you antibiotics in order to kill damaging bacteria and make you better. The bad thing is that these kinds of pills kill bad as well as good bacteria. Then, you will need to repopulate your intestinal tract and stomach by taking a Pro-Biotic to enable good bacteria fight the bad bacteria again.

 As a matter of fact, our home works in a similar way. We need to put greater emphasis on cleaning methods that are safe while eliminating products that might harm us. Also, cleaning your home does not require more than some warm water, a piece of cloth and some baking soda with lemon juice. Extensive, harsh cleaning usually becomes necessary when dirt has been there for a long while.

 Likewise, there are many cleaning products that you can turn to for cleaning your home, although it is not advisable to mix them. Most contain extremely powerful chemical substances that may react with each other endangering the cleaner. Nevertheless, it is by far better to use probiotic or natural cleansers that are becoming more and more popular these days. They are made entirely from safe, non-toxic ingredients that won’t harm you nor kill good bacteria while removing dirt.

 Moreover, organic and probiotic cleansers have a very pleasurable smell too. This is usually citrus, lemon, vanilla or any other natural scent. Finally, concentrated probiotic cleaners should to be used with chlorine free water. You can boil the water before mixing it with the cleanser. Still, very strong concentrations are not necessary for an effective cleaning as long as you do it repetitively twice a week.

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