Environmental cleaning plays a huge role in the prevention of major healthcare associated infections. However, most cleaning practices these days not only have a negative impact on the human health, causing various diseases, but they are also dangerous for the environment. Therefore, it is advisable to adopt more eco- friendly practices. They do not threaten the human health in any way and they protect nature. Not to mention that green cleaning improves greatly the hygiene of the healthcare environment too. For this reason, there are several facilities that have already adopted green cleaning practices, in order to provide their patients with better care and ensure their staff with better working conditions.

 Nevertheless, many are still skeptical to this new approach and do not trust its efficiency, in comparison with conventional products. Green cleaning would require a constant and systematic approach, which would involve a selection among all existent eco-friendly products, diverse operational changes and even building design. So far, it was shown that one of the main obstacles that occur during the introduction of green cleaning, are related to the effectiveness of these products. Although there have been made several studies that highlight their beneficial effects, there is nothing official yet, because they have never been monitored and evaluated officially.

 Therefore, in order for more health care units to adopt green cleaning practices it is essential for research to be conducted on the matter and for their effects to be proved. Fortunately, we live in a world of technological development. Because we want to do everything in our power to stay healthy, we are willing to try out as many green cleaning products as possible. Eco cleaning is based on pure science. That’s why famous brands rely of chemistry when it comes to their composition.

 We want to stay healthy, but often times, chemical-based products make us think they’re better. Some people don’t even care what cleaning products they use as long as the result lives up to their expectations. Based on natural ingredients, green cleaning solutions are meant to change our lives to the better.

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