There are millions of building service contractors and in-house custodial professionals who complete various cleaning tasks on a daily basis. The risk of developing serious physical diseases has increased over the years due to chemical-based substances. Therefore, companies have started to switch to green products. Nowadays, companies would rather go green than risk infecting their employees with harmful substances.

 It is important to understand the impact of cleaning equipment on the physical health, and how can this be improved in order to create better working conditions for employees. Also, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has highlighted that ergonomics imply assessing all work-related factors that present a certain risk to individuals and that solutions should be found to alleviate those issues. This means that rather than making workers adapts to the demands of their occupation, it would be much advisable to design the job to fit the needs of the workers.

 In addition, most cleaning operations that a worker has to perform daily are relatively dangerous. These involve lifting heavy mop buckets, dealing with different machinery, also bending and reaching. These activities can result in serious back, neck and shoulder pains, sour wrists and many other health problems. It was shown that among all occupations, cleaners and janitors are situated in the top five for MSD cases.

 Furthermore, these things shouldn’t happen anymore, especially now when there are available so many professional cleaning equipment that can ease up their work. There should be introduced special machines and tools that do not harm the back, shoulders or knees. Likewise, employers ought to provide professional cleaners with ergonomic equipment and best cart that will be more suitable for the tasks they are performing.

 Moreover, an important aspect related to cleaning is floor maintenance. This usually requires a mop, which now should be a microfiber mop, according to current cleaning trends. Also, it is advisable to look for a vacuum which would position the cleaner’s hands in a neutral position because vibrations can be a real danger for the hands, wrists and fingers.

 Finally, the workers will surely appreciate being given the possibility to use safe cleaning machines that will not cause them pain and make them suffer in any way. Leaving aside cleaning machines, it’s critical to point out that using green products is elementary. We want to stay healthy but we must also keep those around us healthy as well. Janitors who us chemical-based substance put their health in danger, but they also put the lives of others in danger too.

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