“Options for Life” is a business with a socially responsible mission. It aims at cutting down the use of chemical cleaning products and promotes eco-friendly cleansers all over the world. It offers ecological alternatives for those who want to make the switch to a healthier life. Also, its products have the Green Seal Certificate, they’re 100% organic, and can be used in perfectly safety near kids and pets.

 What is more, Option for Life was founded by Walter Coddington in 2006 and since then, it continues its mission of helping people live a healthier life. It has a large variety of natural products available for households, as well as for janitors and commercial use. And although the products are entirely made of safe, eco-friendly products, they are just as efficient as chemical cleansers. For instance, instead of chlorine bleach the company uses hydrogen peroxide, the non-biodegradable alcohol is replaced by biodegradable solvents and traditional toxic acids are substituted by an organic acid solution.

 In addition, if compared with conventional cleansers, the Options for Life products leave shinier surfaces, remove perfectly any sort of stain, do not scratch surfaces and leave a pleasant natural smell. Likewise, they contain active ingredients that stay efficient for a long period of time, thus you will be able to use a product whenever you desire and it will be as effective as in the beginning. Not to mention that they are much safer for pets and small children who crawl down the floor and are continuously exposed to cleaning products.

 Moreover, be careful when you decide to buy an eco-friendly product. There are many companies that claim to be “green” only as an advertising strategy, and in fact they still contain various chemical substances. You don’t need to worry about the products offered by Option for Life that use natural substances extracted from plants such as coconuts, corn and oranges, and are totally against petroleum and dangerous acids. No green cleaner should contain ammonia, chlorine, corrosives, EDTS or NTA and phosphates or their derivatives, heavy metals, dibutyl phthalate and ozone-depleting compounds.

 Finally, although there are still many people who are skeptical about the real efficiency of green products, some of them are truly efficient. Eco-friendly cleansers do not contain damaging string substances chemical cleansers and they have natural cleaning substances instead. Try out the products offered by Options for Life, they will surely match your requirements.

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