To begin with, it’s important to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is when we remove dirt from a surface, while disinfecting means sterilizing. Although many people feel the urge to kill all germs in their home and disinfect all surfaces, a simple cleaning is more than enough. Disinfecting is usually a compulsory task in hospitals and healthcare facilities where you may be required to use chemical substances extremely harmful for the health. Regular, organic cleaners are more than enough for most cleaning operations we do inside our homes, and they are much more recommended than a regular cleaner that will indeed eliminate all the bacteria, but it will also endanger your family’s wellbeing.

 Moreover, using the right cleaning products you will avoid introducing harmful substances inside the homes. The majority of conventional cleaning products contain extremely toxic substances that can endanger the environment. There are various eco-friendly organizations that have highlighted the danger represented by these substances. Chemicals, such as glycol, ethers or phthalates can cause a series of diseases like asthma, reproductive problems and even cancer.

 For this reasons, it is highly advisable to switch to organic cleansers. They are made only from natural ingredients, are extremely efficient, and you will be able to maintain the home safe and immaculate at the same time. The best part is that you can find these organic cleansers in most major supermarkets. For instance, Ecover is a perfect cleaning substance for your laundry and the kitchen, while Method is an ideal all-purpose cleaner. Also, Seventh-Generation has available a complete line of organic cleansers to choose from and Sun & Earth will surely not disappoint you.

 Furthermore, if you want to go natural and you do not trust manufactured products, you can always make you own cleansers. It is easy, fast and, most important, extremely cheap. With just a few cents you will get a huge quantity of product which you will be able to use for a long period of time. Likewise, you will probably find all necessary ingredients inside your kitchen. For example, baking soda is among the most commonly used natural cleansers. It is appreciated because it is odor-absorber and can remove even the most difficult stains. Also, it is ideal to use for ceramic tubs, cookware and sinks.

 Likewise, white vinegar is a fabulous stain remover that can be used on different types of surfaces as well as on clothes. When mixed with water it will leave your windows flawless. Just as good is lemon juice, which is known as a powerful astringent and a great whitener ideal to be used on counter tops. Finally, hydrogen peroxide can be used instead of regular, toxic bleach. It will disinfect any type of surface. When mixed with baking soda it will form a paste that works wonders on ceramic tiles.

 And to make these homemade cleansers smell nice, just add a few drops of essential oil. Most people like to use lavender because it’s soothing and it will make you feel calm and peaceful.

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