These days, the eco move has become a real trend and more people have started to look for ways of living a healthier, more eco-friendly life. They began paying more attention to what they eat, what products they use and put more emphasis on recycling. A healthy lifestyle automatically implies caring for the environment and the planet. Also, one of the most recent discoveries is related to cleaning. It has been found that rug maintenance is much safer than steam cleaning.

 Moreover, if you use an organic carpet or rug cleanser, your carpet will be in perfect estate, ready to be used in less than four hours, whereas if you use a steam cleaning it can take up to forty-eight hours until it will be ready to be used again. Likewise, natural cleaning products will not weaken your carpets. Steam cleaning requires high temperatures in order to produce the steam, thus they can destroy the fibers in your carpet or rug, causing them to wear out. Not to mention that they can cause your carpet to shrink down, change its color and facilitates mildew to grow.

 Natural cleaning products do not contain pesticides or any type of hard chemicals, artificial flagrances, or colorants that might be harmful for small children who crawl down the floor, or pets. If you will regard the ingredients featured on the label you will not find any toxic acid, bleach or formaldehyde. This means that they cannot cause any adverse effects or illnesses, such as skin irritations, inflammations, emphysema, allergies or even cancer. On the contrary, they will remove the dirt and grime leaving your home shiny and sparking. The air quality will also be improved and you’ll manage to lead a healthy lifestyle.

 In addition, a huge advantage about organic cleaning products is that they are biodegradable; they produce no toxic fumes reducing air pollution to a minimum level and preventing water contamination. They use enzymes to remove dirt and spots from the surfaces, instead of chemical substances. These enzymes are just as powerful, only they have no flipsides. Also, these enzymes maintain the surfaces clean for longer periods of time, meaning that you will not have to clean the home as often as you would have if you used conventional cleaners.

 Furthermore, if you are not too enthusiastic about purchasing a natural cleaning solution from the store, you should know that you have the possibility of making it at home. It will cost you very little and the results will be exceptional. Search on the internet to find cleaning recipes. There are countless websites that offer advice on how to remove dirt from your carpet in a natural manner. You can choose from all the recipes available, or came up with your own.

 Finally, being eco doesn’t have to mean losing your time or spending tons of money. With a little dedication you can switch to a much healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle. And the best part is that the effects can be seen immediately.


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