Did you know that phones and chairs are the dirtiest spots in an office? Likewise, the areas where men develop their activity have a higher number of bacteria than those occupied by women. Also, the offices are usually gathering a huge number of germs, especially computers. And again, the worst offenders are men.

 Moreover, at the end of 2007, a group of researchers conducted an experiment and sampled bacteria from various offices in San Francisco, New York and Tucson. They carried the experiment in three different buildings in these locations, in ten different offices. In total, they managed to collect 450 samples of bacteria. Also, they gathered bacteria from several places inside the office, such as the keyboards, the desk, the chair or the phone and noted the gender of person who occupied the office.

 Next, they made two tests. One of them implied growing bacteria in the lab, and studyingall its levels of growth. The other one supposed analyzing the genetics of the bacteria. They studied each type of bacteria separately, and found a total of 500 groups in one office. Most of them were from the humans’ skin, oral, nasal or intestinal cavities. The other ones were from soil or dust. Also, they discovered that the highest number of bacteria can be found on phones and chairs, while the mouse the keyboard and the desktop were relatively clean.

 Furthermore, one of the most interesting things researchers found out is related to the gender of the person who occupied the office. They proved that places inhabited by men have a much higher level of bacteria and a greater conglomerate of cells, in comparison with places occupied by women. This is quite an unexpected result.

 Nevertheless, there are two possible suggestions why this happened. On one hand, there is possible for more bacteria to develop in offices occupied by men because men are larger than women; thus, the area where bacteria can develop is greater. They could unwillingly create a proper environment for these cells. On the other hand, according to previous studies, men are much dirtier than women. This is not just as flattering as first hypotheses, but is can be true. It was proven that men wash their hands and brush their teeth less than women and this may be a possible cause for their dirty offices. Still, we’re talking about statistics and just because a study showed that men have dirtier offices this doesn’t mean that things are 100% accurate.

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