In order to produce more effective, easier and quicker cleaners, big companies are using lots of chemicals that lead to asthma attacks, skin sensitivities and respiratory problems. As opposed to this trend, a couple of manufacturers have decided to develop non – toxic cleaning products that are much gentler than traditional cleaners. However, these non – toxic items still include chemicals. So as to be 100% sure that your cleaning products are green, you have to make your own cleaners.

 Various studies have proved that commercial cleaning products contain harmful ingredients and that cleaners working for professional cleaning companies often develop respiratory issues and asthma. Researchers have analyzed the material safety data, the labels of the cleaning products and have interviewed a couple of hospital workers. Thus, they discovered that numerous cleaning products contain skin and respiratory sensitizers and irritants. The most dangerous ingredients are ethanolamines, quaternary ammonium compounds and 2 – butoxyethanol. These substances are included in most household cleaners. These cleaning products also have antibacterial actions that increase the drug – resistant bacteria.

 You can clean your furniture by using natural ingredients and cleaners. Remember that your ancestors didn’t have all these fancy cleaning products and were still able to keep their houses clean. Everyday cleaning can be performed by using basic ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar. Every kitchen contains these substances. They are safe to eat and breathe. Also, they are harmless for the skin. Natural cleaning does imply the use of chemical substances such as borax, but they’re not dangerous.

 For a basic cleaning formula you must use equal parts water and white vinegar. You’ll obtain an all – purpose cleaning product efficient on glass or laminate surfaces. For a more powerful cleaner you must mix water (1 quarter), castile soap (1 tablespoon), borax (1 tablespoon) and vinegar (1/4 cup). This solution is efficient, but gentle and does not harm the surfaces. The upholstery can be cleaned with a mixture containing castile soap (1/4 cup) and water (3 tablespoons). Scrub the solution on the fabric and then rinse it with water and a sponge.

 Wood furniture must be cleaned with more special formulas containing nut oil, olive oil or castile soap. In order to remove the crayon and water marks, you can use toothpaste. Also, the leather can be cleaned with olive oil (2 parts) and vinegar (one part). The metal can be cleaned with baby oil (for chrome), water and baking soda (for stainless steel) or salt and vinegar (for copper).

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