The idea of going green has been become more and more popular lately. It implies living a healthy life and taking care of the planet at the same time. This has many benefits on each person’s life and many advantages for our planet as well. And the best part is that it is extremely easy and accessible for everyone. We just have to make sure that we consume less, recycle more and eat healthier.

After all, the planet and our health are affected by so many dangerous elements and if could reduce some of them we most definitively should. There are plenty of hazardous chemicals that are all around us, and we give them the possibility to invade our bodies freely. What is the solution to all these chemicals? Well, you just have to look attentively at your daily routine and try to remove unhealthy habits and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives. Below are a few suggestions that might help you get started.

To begin with, one of the easiest and most accessible things anyone you can do is to adopt a greener attitude when it comes to home cleaning. Throw away toxic and dangerous products that you would have normally used to clean you home and replace them with safe, natural cleaners. For instance, lemon juice and vinegar are two acidic substances that are extra-efficient when it comes to cleaning. Vinegar will clean perfectly the windows and mirrors inside your home and will leave your floor spotless. Likewise, the classic water can be a good cleanser too. You just have to make sure that it is hot and put a small amount of elbow grease into it. This mix is perfect to clean the floors. Will remove all the dirt and will leave them shiny and clean.

In addition, baking soda is a strong ingredient when it comes to natural cleaning. It can be used to scrub all sort of surfaces in your bathroom and kitchen and will remove grease and stains, leaving all the surfaces as new. Baking soda is so popular because it soaks up the unpleasant smell. Put some baking soda in your fridge and it will eliminate all bad odors.

These cleaning recipes are very efficient and made from ingredients anyone has access to. Likewise, using them can save you some money. Still, if you do not have enough time to try them out, you should know that there are organic cleaning products available in shops too. However, you will make sure that they are 100% made of natural ingredients.

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