It’s definitely a goal to have a clean, safe house but it’s not that easy to accomplish. Most of the time local supermarkets and convenience stores don’t have eco – friendly or green cleaning products. Other times, they do have these cleaners, but they request an expensive price for them. Green is desirable, but it’s inconvenient and expensive. Still, you can make use of a home appliance that is green, cheap and can be found everywhere. This appliance is known as the famous steam mop.

Steam cleaning is perfect for floors and it must be used regularly. Professional cleaning services are using it on a daily basis. A steam mop is the easiest, most efficient and quickest method of cleaning the floors. This tool comes with numerous advantages. First of all, it’s more powerful than a mop and bucket mainly because it uses high temperatures to clean the floors. Steam mops have a tank that must be filled with water so as to release steams. The water is heated in less than 2 minutes and can be used right away. The mop’s head has a special micro fiber pad that allows the steam to pass. All you have to do is to move it like a vacuum cleaner, forwards and backwards. You can choose to have a constant steam flow or control it as you wish.

Steam mops release such a high temperature that all dirt and stains are removed in a second. They’re dissolved immediately and they’re absorbed by the pad. You will most certainly be amazed by the performance of this cleaning system. It melts grime and grease and removes even stubborn, old stains. This way, your carpets and floors will be clean for a longer period of time.

The steam mop does not only remove dirt, it also kills bacteria and germs and sanitizes the floors. The harsh cleaning products are not able to do this. Thus, you can get rid of those harmful and expensive disinfectants and cleaning products. In addition, this tool is easy to maneuver and very light. The triangular heads will help you access all the hidden corners of your home. After you have cleaned the floor with a steam mop, you’ll see how quickly it will get dry.

The effective and powerful steam mop can be used on vinyl, laminate, marble, ceramic tile, tile and sealed wood. Additionally, it is perfect for carpets because it refreshes them and kills dust mites. Not to mention that it eliminates pet odors.

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