It’s very easy to go green, especially when it comes to doing the laundry. Also, there is a huge difference between using natural products and chemical based ones. Organic products do not only make the clothes look just as good, but are also safer to the environment and cheaper. Check out the following laundry tips that you should take into account.

To begin with, you should get informed and use a safe detergent. There are famous brands, such as Method, Seventh Generation or Planet that offer quality, effective products and do not harm the environment. They do not contain any artificial flagrances or toxic substances and are biodegradable.

Soap nuts are highly effective too. Who would have thought that a bag of nuts thrown inside the washing machine can do wonders? Well, they do and is one of the simplest ways of natural cleaning. Also, their shell contains several natural substances that act as a soap.

It would also be a good idea to do the laundry fewer times a week. You can wait until the washing machine if full. They consume a lot of water, especially older models and it is a real waste that can be avoided. Likewise, you should consider washing with cold water. Using hot water for clothes that are not extremely dirty is an unnecessary waste. Instead pre-soak your laundry in water mixed with backing soda for an hour before actually washing them.

Sorting you laundry is a good thing. This way the laundry will dry faster and you will get full use of your washing machine. And if you do this, you can also try washing some items less frequently. You can wear the clothes more than just one time before washing them. Furthermore, you can use a homemade effective solution to remove the stains on your clothes. For instance, if you put vinegar on a stain of any type and leave if this way for ten mines it will most probably disappear. Likewise, fresh stains go away very easily with backing soda. These are two good replacements for usual chemical products.

Finally, you should try to cut down the drying time. Activate the dryer moisture sensor and do not allow the items to get over-dry. Also, you can save time if you send each set of washed clothes through a spin cycle before putting them into the dryer. This way they will be less moist, and you can save up both time and energy. These are just few steps towards an eco-friendly cleaning process.

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