Brass is a very popular material made from zinc and copper. It is usually found in jewelry, cookware, decorative objects and popular instruments. Likewise, older houses have doorknobs made of brass.

Moreover, just like the metals it is made of, brass tents to tarnish relatively easily and sometimes it can be hard to clean. First of all, you will have to determine if the item you own is really made out of brass. Hold a magnet near it for a few seconds. If it sticks, it means it is not made of brass. It is possible for it to be brass plated, in which case you should use a mild detergent to clean it, and be very careful not to damage it using something very abrasive.

Furthermore, although there are many chemical cleaners for brass available on the market you should consider using something natural. After all, going green is a real trend these days. You can clean brass very easily using simple ingredients you probably already own. Below are presented several substances that you will find useful:

• Soap or detergent. These work best if the brass item is rather dusty not tarnished. Clean it with a cloth soaked in warm water mixed with soapy water and rub the item smoothly. You can use a toothbrush for older stains. Opt for a mild detergent.

• Ketchup. It is an ingredient which has been a favorite to clean brass for many years in row. You will need a clean piece of cloth to rob the liquid over your brass item. It works wonderfully.

• Salt, vinegar and flour. These three ingredients, if combined, will form an extremely efficient brass-cleaning paste. You should leave it for ten minutes to act, before wiping it off with warm water.

• Lemons. The lemon juice will bring back the brass’s shine. Just pour some lemon juice over your brass item and rub it carefully with a cotton cloth.

• Water. A pint of warm water, white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt are basic ingredients for a fabulous brass polisher. This mix will remove dirt and will leave the surface sparking and extra-clean.

There you have it, basic recipes that work perfectly when it’s time to clean brass; you should try them out. Still, before cleaning a brass item you ought to take it to an appraiser. A tarnished brass piece could be very valuable, and by cleaning it you might lose its beauty.

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