It happens to us all to sit at home and develop our usual activities without actually noticing what is around us. Well, we know how the room looks like, we know that the TV is on and that the window is open, but we do not notice the details. It happens often, especially when we are really busy, that we do not have time to see the crumbs beneath the sofa, the plate on the table or that the carpets haven’t been vacuumed for a while. But suddenly, if someone calls and says he or she is going to drop by, all these details become more than obvious. You need to clean the house to receive your guests, but there is not enough time for that. Basically, you will clean without really cleaning.

 To begin with, you will probably clean your table first. This means that you’ll take a piece of cloth or a paper towel and will run it over the table’s surface. Most crumbs will probably land on the floor, but you do not have time to notice that. Next, you will sweep the floor trying to remove all dirt that has gathered since the last time you vacuumed. However, you will not manage to do a very good job. You already are in a hurry, thus you will not have the necessary time to do a flawless job anyway.

 Moreover, you will have to make some space. You will probably try to put all things in their place, the books on the shelves, the clothes in the closet and the dirty mugs in the sink. Still, there comes again the problem of time, therefore unwillingly you will end up stacking them in some space where they will not be visible. Finally, you will pour some bleach in the sink and scrub the toilet a little. Add some artificial flagrance to eliminate the bad odors, and everything will be in order. Your friend will probably not even know that you struggled so much to change something in your home’s appearance. However, one thing’s for sure. What you did for a couple of minutes is not really cleaning.

 We live in a demanding society where we don’t have time for the household, but we want to have a clean home anyways. Cleaning without cleaning will often do more harm than good. The lack of time won’t let you use cleaning products and the dirt won’t just do away, it will pile up until the home becomes infested with grime. Let us all make a change and choose to green clean more frequently in order to keep the household cleaner without striving for hours.

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