Not many people know that their cleaning products might contain numerous eco – unfriendly and animal – derived ingredients. These ingredients can be found in upholstery polish, hand soap or paper towels. Environmentally – minded and ethical persons are slowly eliminating animal – derived products from their lives and are switching to plant – based and natural items. Having a cruelty – free and eco – friendly kitchen is important for your health and the health of your family. You will have to spend a lot of time to reconfigure the kitchen and figure out which are the best green products, but in the end it will all pay off.

When the cleaning products lines will turn vegan and green, things will get much simpler. There are numerous cruelty–free cleansers out there and the most praised brand is Seventh Generation. There are also various other brands that you can choose from. However, the best way to have a green kitchen is by manufacturing your own cleansers. This DIY task is simple and it only makes use of natural ingredients. All you need is castile soap, white vinegar and baking soda. You can combine them in different ways so as to obtain cleaners for all purposes.

So as to hand wash the dishes, you can make use of diluted castile soap. You can also use it for the dishwasher, if you mix it with vinegar. Vinegar rinses the dishwasher and it’s also great for mopping the floors and disinfecting the countertops. Stubborn stains on the countertops or in the oven can be removed with baking soda, castile soap and a little vinegar. Use a scrubbing sponge to remove the solution and, together with it, the stains. For the floors you can use a reusable mop and a solution containing vinegar and water.

Additionally, you can throw away all paper items from your kitchen. Use cloth napkins instead. They can be washed and reused and you can sew them yourself. Moreover, the paper towels can be replaced with old cotton rags. Use them for table clean – up, kitchen counters, doggy accidents, floor spills, etc. They are made of cotton and come in various patterns and colors. In case you cannot give up using paper towels, you should, at least, use biodegradable towels made from recycled paper. Lastly, make sure to use green and recycled freezer bags, trash bags, parchment paper, lunch bags, plastic wrap, dish sponges and waxed paper bags.

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