Caldrea started from the powerful and simple idea that taking care of your home should be a delightful and enjoyable experience. The founders knew that beauty goes beyond the surface and appearances, and that in fact it’s a force that conveys natural goodness, sophistication and elegance. It comes with an approachable and luxurious ease that everyone searches for. Moreover, it promotes an authentic and steady commitment to making the world a better place to live in.

Every day, the company aims at offering the most powerful and gratifying home care products on the market. They are always careful to choose the most responsible and potent ingredients that not only smell good, but are also gentle, safe and effective. Their product experience is centered on this passion and they are seriously trying to connect optimism, thoughtfulness and beauty.

Caldrea creates effective and powerful formulas that are enjoyable to use. Moreover, they are manufactured so as to be safe for the earth, customers’ homes and for customers themselves. They are dedicated to this objective on a daily basis. In fact, they are always looking for new methods to inspire their clients and make them live beautifully. This philosophy connects them with their customers on a deep level. Furthermore, the company uses only eco – friendly practices. They have even created various programs that care for and protect the employees and the environment.

The Caldrea Company has offices that are LEED – certified. In addition, they practice a lot of charitable involvement and conduct electricity, composting and recycling programs that reduce waste and consumption. The company also cares about the wellness of their employees. They have monthly programs called Learns & Lunch on environmental, wellness and health issues, on – site national, athletic and yoga park entrance fees and desks that improve longevity and health. Caldrea was also included among the best places to work in the United States.

The company has various categories of products including home keeping accessories, nursery, laundry cleaners, gifts, hand and body products and household cleaners. All these products are earth – friendly and they make home cleaning satisfying and enjoyable. Moreover, they come in numerous pleasant fragrances such as sweet pea, Palmarosa wild mint, mandarin vetiver, sea salt neroli, ginger pomelo, basil blue sage and lavender pine. The Caldrea all – purpose cleaner is multi – tasking and works on cupboards, countertops, natural stone, wood floors and tiles. The powder scrub is also very efficient and it doesn’t scratch the surfaces. It immediately cleans porcelain, pans and pots, stainless steel and tile. Another great product is the kitchen sink set including a countertop spray, a dish soap and a hand soap. Other household products are stainless steel spray, the dish soap, the dishwashing brush and the biodegradable cleaning cloths.

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