In January 2008, Clorox launched its collection of green cleaning products called Green Works. Nowadays, it covers 40% of the green and eco – friendly home cleaning market. From the very beginning, they managed to develop the green cleaning item market by almost 75%. They sold Green Works products in over 24,000 stores. Still, many people wonder if Green Works is really that green as they claim to be. Critics are saying that there are no regulations that can state whether a cleaning product is green or not. Thus, Green Works has just established its own standards by which it manufactures its natural products.

The Green Works website includes their stringent standards that show how the products are 99% natural. This means that they are free of petrochemicals, biodegradable and made from renewable resources. The remainder, 1%, is indeed represented by synthetic ingredients such as green coloring and a preservative. However, the company is looking for alternatives to eliminate these ingredients and make 100% natural products. Additionally, the company uses corn – based ethanol for its items. Specialists claim that this ingredient releases a significant greenhouse gas footprint. Some even say that it’s larger than the one released by petrochemicals. Moreover, the coconut oil used for some cleaners can lead to rainforest destruction. The truth is that Clorox has tried to be transparent and list all their ingredients utilized for the Green Works collection. The ingredients are written on each product. Also, they have a journal and a blog where they answer customers’ questions.

The company’s blog states that the Green Works line was created to provide powerful and natural cleaning. Also, they claim that they respected this promise. Their products were designed especially for mainstream customers who are looking for easily accessible, affordable, efficient and natural cleaning solutions. The company says that this goal was successfully achieved.

The Green Works products are currently in the forefront and have surpassed all their competitors. Green Works has a premium of 20% and other companies have premiums of up to 100%. This green alternative is also carrying and supporting the Clorox bottom line, which is not that successful. That’s why the Green Works line is still on the market. All cleaning product companies are looking to produce sustainable items. On the other hand, Clorox hasn’t yet internalized the sustainable technology in the overall product manufacturing and operations. Basically, all they have done was to create Green Works, a natural product brand.

The answer to the above question is yes. People can say that Green Works is a natural product. On the contrary, those who are looking for a sustainable and eco – friendly company aren’t going to find it in Clorox, because it will always remain a simple bleach company.

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