is a website that promotes and sells green cleaning products. The company was developed by Monica Meyer, Thelma Meyer’s daughter, so as to create honest and straightforward cleaners. Besides the fact that these items are powerful and efficient, they also smell incredibly good. They can clean every corner and surface of your home and at the same time, they protect the people, pets and the environment. The products contain natural essential oils and their packages are recyclable.

 The company’s website is very easy to browse. It includes 4 main categories titled Shop Products, Home Page, Keep in Touch and Our Story. The information is crisp and clear and takes the form of a story. The site also allows you to shop online and sign up for an account. The “Shop Products” section is the most important on the website. It presents all the items and describes them. These green products are an alternative to traditional cleaning products. With these cleaners, clients will benefit from a safe and enjoyable experience.

 The ingredients for the household cleaners are derived in proportion of 97% from natural sources. They do not contain petroleum distillates, ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, artificial colorants, glycol solvents, formaldehyde, phthalates and parabens. Additionally, the packages and bottles are made from recyclable materials. A very important aspect is that Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are not tested on animals and they don’t contain animal – derived ingredients. Since these items are cruelty – free and earth – friendly, they can be used in the presence of pets and children. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaners are not only eco – friendly and effective, but they also come in nice scents such as basil, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, geranium, parsley, honeysuckle and baby blossom. So, you can choose the perfect scent for your home.

 Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day household products are divided into liquid dish soaps, toilet bowl cleaners, countertop sprays, glass cleaners, all purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, automatic dish packs, surface wipes and surface scrubs. They all come in the above mentioned scents. They’re phosphate – free, biodegradable and contain natural essential oils. Moreover, they’re good for the environment, for your nose and for your home. For example, the all purpose cleaners work for everything. It cleans surfaces, counters and floors in the rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Also, it is earth – friendly, hard – working and concentrated.

 Automatic dish packs create sparkling flatware, glasses and dishes. They remove common stains such as tea or coffee in an instant. The surface scrub is efficient on any type of grimy surface. The powder is non – scratching and can be used on porcelain fixtures, cookware, stainless steel and tile. The surface wipes are pre – moistened and are efficient on linoleum, sealed stone, tile, finished wood and laminate.

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