P&G is a famous, powerful company with customers and products in over 180 countries. Their branded services and products have superior quality and their value improves customers’ lives for many generations to come. P&G thinks about the future. That’s why most of their products are sustainable and follow the green regulations. Moreover, their services and products are used to unite people all over the world. 4.2 billion people are already using P&G brands. Their goal is to involve all 6.5 billion in this meaningful and extraordinary industry.

 P&G as a company was founded back in 1837. Since then, P&G managed to become a leading brand that not only produces items that improve customers’ lives, but also helps them get involved in the community. In 1924, P&G was the first organization in the world that conducted a market research with clients. This way, they could anticipate the needs and improve consumer understanding. Afterwards, in 1941, it was the first company that had a Consumer Relations Department and responded to the clients’ correspondence. By doing this, they became an open company, offering clients all the answers they needed. A little way down the road, in 2005, the company opened their first High Frequency Stores in order to create the largest customer channel.

 P&G is based on 5 primary strengths that have helped them win over the consumer products business. These 5 core strengths are brand – building, consumer understanding, go – to – market capabilities, innovation and scale. They have helped them gain international recognition and win dozens of awards throughout the years. The company is also interested in offering sustainability and a better life for future generations. That’s why they always engage their stakeholders and employees in various social and environmental programs. They have even started creating green products.

 For example, P&G has been applying various packaging innovations, meaning that they have managed to reduce the packaging material by no less than 136,000 metric tons. The packages for the Gillette Fusion blades have 72% less plastic. Also, the Ariel products have plastic packages. The company stopped using cardboard boxes because they are heavier and more difficult to recycle. Moreover, P&G created Ariel detergents that are efficient and powerful even in low – temperature water or in cold water. This will help customers save energy. Lastly, their Smart Plugs electric razor needs 64% less energy to work efficiently. By using the Smart Plugs razor, people can save enough energy to light 5,861 homes. These numbers are quite impressive and they show how P&G cares not only for their customers, but also for the planet.

 The P&G Company will continue creating sustainable innovations and use smart designs and renewable materials to help save the planet.

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