Seventh Generation is one of the leading brands of personal care and household products. Their mission is to protect the environment and the human health. The company was founded in 1988 in Vermont, Burlington. Ever since the 1980s it remained a privately – held and independent company committed to manufacturing and distributing products to online retailers, natural food stores, mass merchants and supermarkets across Canada and the United States. Their products are healthy and beneficial for people, air, pets, fabrics and surfaces. Also, they are helpful for the environment and the community.

 Their items can really make a difference through their disposal, production, use and purchase. The company is always evaluating the environmental impact and seeks for new ways to reduce it. At the same time, they want to develop a sustainable supply chain and increase safety and performance. They are trying to create a sensible business and work together with stakeholders and partners so as to make the future of the planet brighter.

 The company’s website,, is clean and simple and it has 7 main categories: About, Where to buy, Contact, Products, Learn How, Our Mission and Register. Each section has its own sub – categories. The most important category on the site is represented by the products, especially the household products including household cleaners, hand soap, specialty cleaners, trash bags, botanical disinfectants, paper and dishwashing.

 Their most praised product is the All Purpose Cleaner. It is a powerful cleaning product that removes dirt, grime and grease and doesn’t create harsh fumes. It has a non – toxic formula and it’s suitable for stainless steel, granite, marble and other surfaces. Other efficient household cleaners are the Surface & Glass Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Tile & Tub Cleaner and Shower Cleaner. If you’re looking for something that works best on a specific surface, then you should check out the specialty cleaners. They are divided in 3 types: stainless steel cleaner, stone & granite cleaner and wood cleaner. They remove dirt on specified surfaces and they don’t contain chemicals.

 Botanical disinfectants are also very useful. The multi – surface cleaner is able to kill more than 99.99% of viruses and germs including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, H1Ni, Escherichia coli, Rhinovirus, Salmonella enteric and Staphylococcus aureus. It works on nonporous and hard surfaces. Other botanical disinfectants are the disinfecting bathroom cleaner and the disinfecting wipes. Seventh Generation also manufactures a wide array of dishwashing liquids such as natural dish liquid, automatic dishwasher powder, automatic dishwasher gel, automatic dishwasher pacs and rinse aid. They are all made from natural ingredients. Lastly, they promote green and recycled napkins, bathroom tissues, facial tissues and paper towels.

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