The first Sun & Earth green cleaning products were launched in 1988. These cleaners were designed for customers to offer them a non – toxic cleaning formula. For many years, commercials have been trying to convince viewers that chemicals are the most efficient way of cleaning. Despite this fact, people know that non – toxic cleaners can clean safer and better. In fact, people have asked for natural products that offer the same performance as toxic cleaners.

 Sun & Earth has performed extensive research before coming up with their original green cleaner in 1988. It was made from orange and coconut oils, it had a fresh citrus scent and shined and cleaned thoroughly. The line evolved and now the Sun & Earth cleaners are especially created for those individuals who are allergic to chemicals contained by traditional cleaning products. The Sun & Earth products have satisfied numerous customers throughout the years. Nowadays, the company has become an important brand of non – toxic, natural and safe cleaning products. They value the cleaner living at work, in the community and at home. Moreover, every one of the cleaners has a formula that safeguards the users’ health.

 The Sun & Earth products don’t contain perfumes, dyes, phosphates, chlorine or any other petroleum – based ingredients that can leave residues harming your pets, children and family. Not to mention that these items can really remove odors, stains, dirt and grease. In addition, the Sun & Earth brand is part of Sundance and has received various green awards throughout the years.

 The Sun & Earth products are divided into laundry products, household cleaners and bath & kitchen soaps. The household cleaners are highly appreciated by customers all over the country. This category includes wipes, biodegradable all – surface cleaner, natural floor cleaner, glass cleaner, cleaner and all – purpose cleaners. The Sun & Earth All – Purpose Cleaner removes dirt, grime and grease in the bathroom, kitchen and all over the house. It is eco – friendly, non – toxic and natural and does not contain petroleum solvents. It’s biodegradable and natural and contains only organic ingredients.

 The all – surface wipes are a new product. It was launched in 2012 and can be used for any household interiors. The cleaning cloth is very efficient and it’s manufactured from biodegradable recycled materials. The floors cleaner works great on any type of floor. It has plant – derived ingredients and is perfect for carpets, laminate, marble, vinyl, ceramic tile and hardwood. Lastly, the glass cleaner can be used on any kinds of surfaces, not only on glass. People can use it on plastic, chrome, stainless steel, enamel and window. It is made from corn – derived ingredients, coconut oil and citrus oil.

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