Better Life is a company that promotes ecological cleaning products. It was created by two friends, Kevin Tibbs and Tim Barklage who, as parents, were concerned about how clean and safe the surfaces of their homes really are. They began discussing about how dangerous using chemical cleaning products can be and what can they do to replace them. At the time, Tim challenged Kevin, who was a chemist, to come up with a new series of cleaning products that would be safe and efficient at that same time. They saw the huge potential of the idea and how much such a product could benefit people and began working at a special eco-cleanser. They were successful and created a new line that cleans perfectly various types of surfaces, does not contain any type of toxins and is entirely safe.

 Furthermore, their products developed in time and diversified greatly as people saw how effective they were and began to be more conscious of how dangerous chemical-based products can be. However, there are still many individuals who have lots of misconceptions about eco-friendly cleansers. They think that because they are biodegradable they do not work as efficiently as a chemical cleanser would and that they have extremely high prices. Well, that’s not exactly true. Eco products can be even better than chemical-based ones and some of them are really affordable too.

 In addition, it is highly advisable to go green, especially when you know how dangerous normal housecleaning products can be. There are many manufacturers who do not even list all the ingredients contained on the label and they usually present the product in a positive light. Well, although they may be efficient, they are extremely harmful and the majority of substances contained are chemicals and toxins that can cause a series of diseases and produce great damage to the environment at the same time.

 Fortunately, now you have an accessible solution. Better Life offers you a wide variety of natural products that may be the solution to all your worries. They are 100% safe, made only from natural substances, have a nice scent and will leave your home spotless. Likewise, they have not been tested on animals, do not harm the planet and are entirely biodegradable. On their site you will find all sorts of cleansers for different surfaces and with diverse purposes. Check them out and you’ll see for yourself that it’s worth going green.

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