Biokleen is one of the first companies that started to produce eco-friendly cleansers. It was founded in 1989 by Jim Rimer, who used to be a representative of chemical cleaning products. Ever since he’s working in the industry he became aware of how dangerous such products can be due to the toxic substances they contained. Hence, he decided to make a change and let people know more about the great benefits of green cleaning products.

 In time, he started noticing that chemical-based products create serious health issues to his customers and they were having incredibly negative effects. Jim thought it was time for a change and decided to take one first step ahead and ensure a cleaner, healthier world. Since had studied chemistry he had knowledge in the field and it was not so difficult for him to come up with an efficient, natural recipe that would work as a cleanser. His creation proved to be very popular, and thus Biokleen was born. All cleansers he developed are innovative and reach high standards: concentration, effectiveness, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Biokleen products can be the perfect replacement for chemical ones you would normally use to clean your home, only they’re better. They eliminate health risks and protect the environment at the same time. Also, they are affordable and can be used just as easy as regular ones.

 For instance, Biokleen offers very efficient laundry cleansers. All of us want our sheets to be soft, our shirts to be bright white and our clothes to be odor free. Chemical-based products have amazing effects, there’s no doubt about that but at what cost? Fortunately, now you can switch to Biokleen laundry products that are just as good, only safer. They are made from natural ingredients, thus they will not affect your health and are not dangerous for the environment either. Try out the All Temperature Laundry Liquid, Oxygen Bleach or the Free & Clear Laundry Powder.

 Furthermore, one next issue is related to dishwashing. Using chemical substances to clean your dishes might cause the algae to bloom, destroy the marine ecosystems and pollute the waters. All those toxic substances contained go down the drain and infiltrate into the earth doing irreparable damages. Also, they can cause skin irritations and respiratory problems because they contain heavy metals and strong flagrances. As an alternative you can try the Biokleen solutions, the Automatic Dish Powder, the Automatic Dish Gel or the Hand-Moisturizing DishwashLiqiud.

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