Ecover is a company that promotes a “green” lifestyle. It offers natural cleansers and tries to make people understand how important it is to stop using chemical cleaning substances. We all dream about having a clean home surrounded by nice smells. With every day that goes by, we want to keep our kids safe and not spend a fortune on cleaning products.

 Still, while you may think you are protecting your dear ones, chemical-based cleaning products is seriously affecting their health. These days, it already a known fact most chemical cleansers available on the market are a real threat that can do more harm than good because they contain so many dangerous substances. For example, you may think that you are just washing the dishes, but if you are using a chemical-based dish washer, you are actually destroying the planet. All toxic ingredients your product contains go down the drain and can easily end up in the earth or the water reserves.

 Because it’s important to think green and act green, Ecover comes to the rescue. The company started small but in a few years it managed to win over the people with their wide array of eco products. Our homes are filled with dirt and we must do everything to keep it clean the natural way. Ecover offers all sorts of cleansers that can remove any type of stain. They deal perfectly with all types of stains and it will leave the surface spotless.

 The company’s products are divided into four main categories: dishwashing, household, laundry and all purpose cleaners. Under each category there’s a series of cleansers that will be the answer to your problems. They are all made from natural ingredients and will enable you to maintain your home a safe, eco-friendly place. Let us have a closer look at the All Purpose Cleaner. Its main attributes are to cut trough grime and grease. The main ingredients are based on plants and it is suitable mostly for hard washable surfaces.

 The Ecover floor soap comes with a pleasant smell, it contains linseed oil, and it is appropriate for all types of surfaces. Unlike chemical based cleaning products, Ecover is against animal testing. All products are made of plants and they only contain all-natural ingredients. Why should you switch to organic cleaning products? For starter, you will manage to stay healthy and strong. Your family will be protected and in some ways you’ll also manage to save the environment.

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