If you have finally understood the importance of living an eco-friendly life and want to make the switch to an eco-friendly cleaner, you should try iGOZEN. It is a fruit and vegetable wash that features a very convenient price and high cleaning proprieties. It will enable the people to live healthier, safer lives.

 What is more, the products is made from an extremely fine powder obtained from sea shells, which can remove any type of dirt, grime and even the most difficult stains while leaving a very pleasurable scent. Likewise, it contains no pesticides, toxic substances or chemical ingredients that could endanger your health.

 There are available three iGOZEN powder formulas, each one with a different use, but all just as effective.

• Meat/Fist Wash

• Fruit/Vegetable Wash

• Non-toxic everyday cleaning

Likewise, they all come in reusable, biodegradable bottles, thus they are entirely environmentally responsible. And since the bottles are reusable the shipping is free for all customers. In addition, all iGOZEN products are lab tested and thus their security and effectiveness is thoroughly demonstrated. And they can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria, including salmonella or e-coli. Still, at the safe time it is extremely sensitive. It won’t damage the skin, will not cause any disease and it is entirely safe for children, pets and people with allergies.

Using iGOZEN inside the home will help people make a change reducing carbon footprint and chemical substances from contaminating the natural environment. Also, each person who uses iGOZEN will save annually up to five gallons of oil that would normally have been used to the creation of plastic bottles that contain conventional cleaners. This means there will be minus eighty pounds of carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere, which is a huge quantity.

Also, iGOZEN is surprisingly cheap. Most people seem to believe that since it is such a powerful natural cleanser, it has to be outrageously expensive. Well, it’s not and the people will love that it can clean perfectly without having to spend a fortune to have it. Moreover, it is a highly alkaline substance that neutralizes all other acidic substances. Therefore, its effects are extremely visible on grapes, tomatoes, fish or rice stains. They vanish immediately.

Finally, due to the calcium particles contained, because it is made from seashells, it also purifies any surface. It has been proven that iGOZEN neutralizes many types of stains as well as bacteria and all germs. And it can be used on any types of surfaces, from sinks, bathroom tiles to countertops and many more. Yet, you will not have to wear gloves or any protection equipment at all because it has no chemicals, thus it is entirely safe.

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