Maid Brigade is a green cleaning company that offers professional and eco – friendly house cleaning services. The company was designed especially for busy individuals who don’t have the time to take care of their house cleaning duties. Maid Brigade provides immediate and quality services and uses only green cleaning products. They try to make each customer happy, so they have an individual approach. The company and its staff does not only scrub toilets, clean the floors or wash the windows, but it also provides a healthy home, which is extremely important.

 This green cleaning company can clean literally everything. Their superior quality services are praised by numerous customers all over the country. Maid Brigade will make the life of its clients less stressful, less hectic and much safer. By using green cleaners, Maid Brigade avoids health risks caused by commercial cleaning products. Thus, you, your family and the environment will be healthier. There are many reasons to choose Maid Brigade. First of all, it is an affordable, consistent and reliable company. Second of all, it takes care of your health. Additionally, every maid working for the company is certified, trained and screened. Lastly, it uses green supplies and equipment and has well – established house cleaning procedures.

 Maid Brigade offers a wide array of green cleaning services. They are extremely popular among consumers and they are slowly eliminating the traditional cleaning methods. Individuals are looking for green cleaning services so as to protect the environment and themselves. Maid Brigade uses equipment and solutions that meet all the standards for effectiveness and health safety. Their products are Green Seal certified, meaning that they are free from harmful ingredients such as fragrances, neurotoxins, reproductive toxins and carcinogens. Also, they make use of biodegradable microfiber cloths made from recycled materials. The company will always make sure that the staff sticks to the cleaning protocol and offers the most qualitative services. Moreover, Maid Brigade is always up to date with the latest technology and science so as to offer the most effective and the safest cleaning procedures.

 Maid Brigade is insured, uniformed, certified and trained and can clean your house inside out. Their services are customized depending on your needs, the size of the property and the number of pets and people. They can offer monthly, tri – weekly, bi – weekly and weekly cleaning services and they include kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, general cleaning or a combination of the three.

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