Eco-Me is a company based in California that makes natural, eco-friendly household cleaning products. It was founded by Robin Kay Levine, who intended to support a healthier lifestyle.

What is more, Eco-Me is among the most popular green cleansers out there and more and more people start using it because of its various advantages. It has extremely safe products, being at the same time very efficient. The line of cleansers is based on basic ingredients, such as backing soda and essential oils, substances that most of you probably have at home. All products have no chemical substances in their composition and show magnificent effects. These are the main reasons why the Eco-Me line is currently among the most popular green cleaning brands in US.

In addition, Robin Kay Levine founded the company six years ago and it had an unexpected success. He was particularly worried about the problems and health issues that appeared in many families throughout the years, because the members were constantly exposed to extremely toxic cleaning substances. Also, he is the head of the board at the Natural Products Association and is authoritative figure of diverse safety issues, especially those relates to manufactured cleaning products and the process of maintained a toxin-free home. He constantly provides advice on facile and efficient cleaning methods speaks about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and always fight to protect the planet.

Furthermore, he was recently part of an interview were he talked about Eco-Me and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He said the story of Eco-Me is very personal and that all began a few years ago, when his sister was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 35 years old. They had no family history of illnesses or an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, they did some further research and were shocked when they found out that many environmental agencies and organizations were claiming that chemical cleansers were to blame to the apparition of various diseases, including cancer. Then, he became more aware of how important it can be to live an eco-conscious life.

Likewise, he added that everyone ought to pay great attention when purchasing cleaning products, because there are many brands that claim to be green and are not. Mr. Levine recommended all customers to study the label and the ingredients carefully and to see if the cleanser owns any kind of green certificate. He supports a healthy, eco-friendly life, and we all should do that.

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