The founder and CEO at Seventh Generation, Jeffrey Hollender has recently talked in an interview about the importance of going green, the benefits of natural cleansers and how much they can influence our lives.

Just at the beginning of the interview he talked about a new line that was recently released by Seventh Generation. Like all products offered by the company these are entirely natural, aimed at being a part of a green living. The most recent products the company offers are focused on the feminine side, consisting in tampons made from organic cotton, and as well natural diapers and many others.

However, this was only an additional branch as the company still maintains its original purposes. Mr. Hollender said Seventh Generation still keeps its original products, such as household cleansers, dishwashers and laundry sprays and it is continuously improving them for a healthier and eco-friendly home. In addition, when he was asked how can natural products be so efficient without using chemicals, he said that this happens because nature can be so much stronger than artificial substances made by man. Also, they test all products before using them to make completely sure that they will provide the desired effect.

Moreover, Jeffrey Hollender mentioned his new book in the interview too. It is called “Naturally Clean” and is dedicated to all the people who want to live a greener life. He said that it is a sort of guide, which will enable them to get around the house and find out a new eco-friendly solution that can be used in each room. He stated that 100% of the profits obtained from the book will be donated to the Children's Environmental Health Coalition.

In the end, he was asked to explain the company name and how he came up with the idea. Mr. Hollender said that when they started they were looking for a good name that would represent them. There was a women working there who came up with the idea of Seventh Generation. It was based on the fact that in the Bible there’s a statement that claims the following: each decision we take we should make us question how it will influence the next seventh generations. They thought it was perfect because it was an inspirational idea of what they strived to achieve. It is a challenge to live up to higher expectations.

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