Earth justice proclaimed itself to be an attorney of the environment, and it decided to sue Colgate-Palmolive, Proctor & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser and Church & Dwight. They are all major manufacturers that sell various cleaning products in the New York State. Earthjustice claims that these companies are violating the regulations featured in Chapter 6 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations, which entails disclosure of all ingredients sold in the state.

Furthermore, Maid Brigade, which is one of the first companies in the US who introduced and used the concept of “green cleaning”, acclaims the suit’s potential. Also, it argues that it has a huge potential to increase consumers’ awareness in relation to all the health issues that are related to regular cleaning products that contain so many dangerous chemicals.

These days, most household cleaners include in their composition extremely toxic ingredients that can cause serious illnesses and can also do irreparable damages to the environment too. Some of these dangerous ingredients can lead to diseases such as asthma or allergies, as well as behavior disorders, premature puberty, reproductive problems, neurological problems, developmental disorders, kidney and liver damage and even cancer.

In addition, in most cases consumers encounter difficulty is discovering which are the chemical ingredients contained by their favorite household cleaners because the Federal Hazardous Substances Act enables manufacturers not to expose the “secret formula” of their products, such as the flagrance or certain ingredients. Thus, grace to this act, the produces are not obliged to display on the label, on their website or anywhere else the ingredients they do not want to be known. But now, the suit intended by Earth justice is a very interesting precedent for the state law in relation to the labeling of packaged goods versus consumer protection.

Moreover, the suit is supported by various non-profit organizations such as the American Lung Association, the Sierra Club, Women’ s Voices for the Earth, and many more. Currently, Women’s Voices for the Earth is making an effort to decrease women exposure to chemicals contained in cleaning products.

So far, the suit caught the attention of many people and organizations, including Maid Brigade, which is a leader in the eco-friendly cleaning industry as well as sponsor for many web video series and the “Green Clean TV”. It fights to raise consumers’ awareness for the suit through several videos released online on the most popular websites. It hopes to educate the public concerning the risks featured by chemical cleansers and to begin seeking new, eco-friendly alternatives. They consider that it is only fair for the public to be fully-informed and able to make the right choice for their family and for the environment as well.

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