Altura Solution Communication carried on a survey in which they asked people if they prefer a low-battery powered machine or a device that you need to plug in when it’s time for home cleaning. The results showcased that 88% of those who participated in the survey said that they would rather opt for a battery-powered machine.

Moreover, cleaning professionals said that they would rather stick to a machine that works on batteries because it has various benefits. One of the most common ones is the easiness to clean because there’s no chord wire involved. Also, a cleaning machine that works on batteries works much faster and you will be able to keep cleaning if the power runs out.

Nevertheless, the survey highlighted a couple of disadvantages for cleaning machines that work on batteries. To begin with, older models are extremely heavy and they might be difficult to handle for some people. The good news is that the rechargeable battery technology equipment has been greatly improved lately. The batteries used for these machines have become safer and they run for a longer period of time improving worker’s productivity.

Still, there are many types of batteries installed in cleaning equipment, and any professional worker should know what to choose. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages related to cost, construction, maintenance and more. However, by far the biggest concern is related to durability because most cleaning professionals find this a major flipside. Opting for a greater battery type may lead to an increased cost. Fortunately, in the past few years the battery industry has developed greatly and there have appeared new types that show significant improvements in comparison with older models. Also, since there is so much competition on the market, the prices have lowered and even the best batteries are much more affordable now.

Regardless, battery maintenance is very important no matter how qualitative the battery actually is. For instance, most new batteries will not need to be entirely discharged before being charged again. Also, there are manufacturers have even created a special “low battery cutoff system” which turns off the machine before the battery is fully discharged.

All in all, the survey highlighted that most interviewed people stated that they believe the battery-powered machines will play an important role in future cleaning techniques.

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