Environmental care has become a really important issue in the past few years, and people have started to adopt more environmentally friendly practices. Starting from green cleaning products for the home to eco-cosmetics, we will certainly make Earth a better place to live in with a bit of effort. There are endless tips and tricks online that will help you make your own cleaning products, but did you know you can also make your own laundry softener? Let us have a look at some basic recipes.

To begin with, the first “recipe” contains one single, highly-efficient ingredient, vinegar. It is not toxic at all, it’s very cheap and it will make your clothes dreamingly soft. Also, it is antimicrobial and a very efficient cleaning product which will remove any dirt or soap remains from your clothes. All you have to do is add a small quantity of vinegar during the washing cycle. It is a very easy and you will be able to see excellent results immediately.

The following recipe is a little bit more complex and it contains more than just one ingredient. You will have to make a mix using a common green ingredient for cleaning, baking soda. It is an effective natural softener, which also will clean very well your clothes. You will have to mix six cups of vinegar, 1 cup of backing soda. For each washing cycle use one or one and a half cup.

On third place we have a recipe that is greatly appreciated by many people. To prepare it you will have to combine three parts of vinegar, six parts of water and two parts of hair conditioner. It all has to be mixed up slowly, not shaken too hard. You can use half a cup for each wash. The blend received very good reviews, and people seem to really like using it. Of course, you should use a cheaper conditioner save so money. However, this recipe is more economical than ecological.

You have been presented the top three most efficient solutions to soften your clothes in an eco-friendly way. Of course, we all have our secrets but it’s important to think green if you want to make a difference. Society promote artificial, chemical-based products too much and it’s critical to do choose alternative, healthier ways to clean in order to keep our family safe and at the same time, help save the environment.

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