An eco-friendly home means that each area in the house has to respect the condition, including the bathroom. This is one area of the house that has to be cleaned all the time. It gets dirty very easy due to an increased humidity level and the tiles often contain toxins; thus, regular cleaning is compulsory. Here are five simple ways to maintain a sanitary, environmentally friendly bathroom.

1. Clean the air and let it circulate. Humidity causes mold, which brings trouble such as allergies, asthma and more. Therefore, always keep the window open and let the air circulate or ventilate the room. Also, you can clean the air by using oxygen-producing plants. They will reduce humidity and air pollutants.

2. Save water! Conserving he water is probably one of the most efficient ways to cut down costs and protect nature. Stop the water when you’re brushing your teeth or take a shower instead of a bath and do not waste it.

3. Retrofit or replace you toilet. Did you know that an efficient toilet can save a family up to $90 a year? Choose a toilet that uses a smaller amount of water per flush or retrofit the existing one by installing a new flush handle. And if you want to go extra-green buy a composting toilet.

4. Use green products. One of the easiest ways to do this is buying recycled toilet paper instead of regular one. Also, add a shower curtain to your bathroom. The first option probably is vinyl since it doesn’t accumulate mold, but it is extremely dangerous, thus it’d not that recommended. Vinyl can release in the air up to 100 different toxic substances, some of which can even cause cancer.

5. Use ceramic tiles. These are not easily affected by moisture and look really nice as well. Not to mention that some of them are produced by a low-impact manufacturing procedure, meaning that they are eco-friendly too. Also, they can be recycled and still look great.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to convert your bathroom intro an environmentally friendly place without much struggle, effort or money. Using the above mentioned methods will help you think green, act green and feel green every time you step foot into your bathroom. It’s critical to keep an eye on such a space because unlike the rest of the house, it is way more sensitive.

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