Nowadays, kids are spending most of their time on floor surfaces, dogs always prefer to lick the shower stall, and your husband can never rinse the dishes properly as there is still soap on them. All these situations were exposed so as to show you that cleaning products you use in your home can seriously affect the health of your family. You can protect the house and your family by making use of non – toxic and natural ingredients that will leave your countertops and windows clean. All ingredients for these green cleaners can be located in your cupboard or pantry. Besides being highly efficient, they are also affordable and will help you save money.

For a natural kitchen spray you need an old spray bottle, weighing 32 oz. Use baking soda (1/2 cup) and white vinegar (2 cups) to fill it. Then, you should add warm water. If you want to scrub your stove tops and countertops, you can simply mix a liquid soap made of plants and baking soda. Make a paste until it is highly abrasive. The kitchen sinks can be freshened with water and lemon juice. Wooden cutting boards can be easily sanitized with white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Spray them individually.

The bathroom always has soap and water buildup. In order to clean it, you need lots of baking soda. For example, you can cover the toilet cleaning brush in baking soda and clean the toilet bowl. The bathtub can be scrubbed with water (1 part) and baking soda (2 parts). Make a paste using these 2 ingredients and clean the bathtub. So as to deodorize the bathroom, you can use borax and white vinegar. Mix a few spoons of each, put them in a spray bottle, add water and spray in the bathroom.

For an organic furniture polish you can follow the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. Combine vegetable oil (1 pint) and lemon juice (1 tablespoon). Soak a soft cloth in the solution and wipe the furniture. The solution is efficient for unpainted chair rails and stair banisters.

If you’re looking for a floor cleaner that’s wax – free, you should know that plain hot water works best. It depends on the floor type, but usually this solution protects wood floors and linoleum. You can dry the surfaces with a towel or soft cloth and they will be shiny. You don’t need toxic cleaners or wax for that effect. For your hardwood floors, you can use linseed oil. You’ll find it in most hardware stores. Additionally, if you want to remove grease from your linoleum floors, you can use a mixture of hot water (2 gallons), vinegar (1/4 cup), vegetable – based soap (1 tablespoon) and washing soda (1/4 cup).

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