Lemons are so much more than just a nice looking yellow-fruit. They have countless uses around the house and can prove to be really helpful. The citric acid contained by this fruit is very powerful; thus, it has incredible cleaning abilities. Also, it can have many health and beauty uses as well. In order to find out more about the magical powers of lemons, let us check out the following top ten uses.

1) Refresh your home. Lemons can be a perfect deodorizer. They have very pleasant natural smell which will eliminate all the nasty odors inside your home. Put few lemon peels in a bowl of water and leave it outside.

2) Removes tarnish. It is perfect for brass, stainless steel and cooper surfaces. You can make a special cleanser by mixing lemon juice and salt and use it on all dirty surfaces. Leave it for ten minutes and then scrub the surface. It will look as good as new.

3) Removes stains. Lemon juice is magnificent when it comes to eliminating difficult stains. It doesn’t matter what type of stain it is. Just add plenty of lemon juice on it and a little salt, wait a few minutes and it will vanish.

4) Polish metal surfaces. You do not need chemical substances anymore when you want to make a metal surface shine. All you have to do is cut a lemon in half and rub it over the dirty surface. For extra-power you can add a little baking soda.

5) Whiter clothes. Lemons are a terrific replacement for bleach. They are not toxic and will leave you clothes whiter than ever. Just add juice to the washing cycle.

6) Relieves sore throat. You may not know this, but lemons are a good medicine too. A tablespoon of lemon mixed with a little homey and a cup of warm water will immediately relieved inflamed tissue.

7) Keeps fruits and vegetable fresh. A little lemon juice added on your boiling potatoes, your fruits or over your salad will keep ingredients fresh a longer time and they will even be tastier.

8) Clears grease. Lemon juice is an excellent dishwasher. It can easily remove stains, grease and even baked-on foods in just a few minutes.

9) Great insect repellent. Lemon will keep all insects away. A few lemon peels around the house will not only provide a nice smell, but will also keep all insects away better than pesticides.

10) Whiter nails. It you soak you nails in lemon juice they will become much whiter and will be healthier. Moisturize them after you do this to prevent them from drying.

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