Society and increasingly more companies are promoting the use of green cleaning products because they are healthier and more cost effective. It was demonstrated that industrial household products are made of harmful chemicals that affect the respiratory system. Indoor pollutants can also trigger neurological issues, flu – like symptoms and headaches. On the other hand, natural products cannot cause any of the above. Moreover, they fight against pollution and keep the environment safe. Nowadays, there are numerous organic cleaning products on the market, but some of them might be a little more expensive. You don’t have to worry about that because most ingredients used in the green cleaning items are at your fingertips. So, you can make your own eco – friendly products. It is fun, cost – effective and beneficial.

It is quite easy to prepare natural products for disinfecting and cleaning. You can use ingredients like baking soda, club soda and vinegar. Combine ½ gallon of water, half a cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of baking soda. Put the mixture inside a spray bottle and use the natural substance for cleaning the glass. Your glass surfaces will shine and glow. If you want to clean the floor surfaces like vinyl or linoleum, you can prepare a mixture of warm water (one gallon), baby oil (3 drops) and vinegar (one cup). In case the floor is really dirty and greasy, you can add borax (1/4 cup). It will clean your floors in seconds. Wooden floors are even simpler to clean by using equal parts of vegetable oil and vinegar.

Unless a house hasn’t been cleaned for years, it does not need chemical disinfectants. A natural and organic disinfectant can do the job. Mix hot water (3 cups), liquid castile soap (1/4 teaspoons), borax (2 teaspoons) and vinegar (4 tablespoons) and clean all the surfaces. They will be free of germs and ready to use in no time.

Homemade cleaners can also be used for bathrooms. Green cleaning mixtures keep the showers, bathtubs and toilets sparkling. For the toilet you can use white vinegar (3 cups) and tea tree oil (10 drops). Leave the mixture inside the toilet bowl for a quarter of an hour and then rinse. The vinegar can also be used for cleaning the showers and the bathtub, and it doesn’t leave residues. Put half vinegar and half water in a spray bottle and clean the shower. Some liquid detergent can be added. Moreover, the mixture of tartar cream and water is perfect for removing rust stains. The dishwasher in the kitchen can be cleaned with borax and washing soda, and the dishes can be washed with vinegar and water.

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