We all want to keep our homes clean and our family safe, in a germ-free environment. Still, cleaning our home with extremely powerful products sometimes we do more than just killing bacteria. These days, most home cleaning products available on the market contain a wide array of toxins and chemical substances that have negative effects on the human body. It they are not eco-friendly or made from natural ingredients, they will end up in the air we breathe or will go down the drain and end up in the soil, contaminating the environment and endangering our health.

 Moreover, by far the most dangerous household cleaners are those that produce a very strong odor. These usually affect the respiratory system and can cause serious illnesses. For instance, oven cleaners are among the products that contain some of the most dangerous substances, whereas glass cleaners are another respiratory irritant. They contain a chemical mix of ammonia and water which, if inhaled, can have serious adverse effects. Also, the toilet bowl cleaners usually contain strong cleaning chemicals that harm the skin and irate the eyes.

 Regardless, the high toxicity of these products might not be as obvious at first. For example, dish detergents that we use daily contain alkali and are very caustic. Their particles are usually released into the air and end up into out respiratory system or eyes, causing irritation and inflammation. Also, most of you probably use air fresheners on a daily basis. Yet, did you know that they release a large amount of artificial substance which is toxic? Likewise, carpet deodorants are extremely dangerous for small children because they usually crawl on the floor.

 Most household cleaners contain extremely powerful substances that can cause serious health issues. Among immediate effects are headaches, eye irritations, burns on the mucus membranes, skin burns, wheezing, chest pains and nausea. Still, a constant exposure to these substances on a longer period of time can lead to collapse, pulmonary edema, damage to the eyes, the respiratory system, skin and even the intestines.

 For all the reasons presented above, it is essential to select wisely the cleaning products you intend to use. You should opt for products that kill germs inside the home, but are safe at the same time. Organic and natural cleaning products are the best solution. There is a wide variety of such products on the market; thus, you will have where to choose from. Check out the labels first and make sure that the product you want is entirely made from natural substances. Your house will be just as clean, and your family will be safe.

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