There is no secret that non – toxic cleaning products are healthier and more eco – friendly. Yet, what is the main difference between the non – toxic and toxic cleaning products? Specialists have been talking about this problem and got to the following conclusions.

 First of all, they found out that the majority of brand name products are created from oil. This doesn’t seem like something outrageous, but what many people don’t know is that this is the same oil that produces gasoline. Yet, most individuals use these cleaning products in their homes. Petroleum has the same manufacturing process as regular crude oil products. Companies make use of destructive means to extract the oil form the plant. Afterwards, it is transferred to a refinery to transform it into a usable product. All these stages are pollutant and they decrease the dependency on oil. On the contrary, green products don’t include petroleum. Their base contains ingredients that are not harmful for the environment.

 The second aspect considered was packaging. The big brands and companies don’t use environmentally friendly methods to package their products. Most of the times, the bottle is recyclable, but the caps and the labeling aren’t. If a container has additional packaging, then it is not recyclable and biodegradable. On the other hand, green cleaning products are packed in bottles that are fully recyclable. Even though they have labels, these are also biodegradable. There are a few companies that made cardboard out of flower seeds; thus, the packaging can be planted and transformed into beautiful flowers.

 Chemical residues are another crucial problem. Industrial and toxic cleaning products include dangerous and harsh chemicals. They are extremely powerful and clean everything in their way. Still, they leave behind numerous residues that are harmful. Even when rinsed thoroughly, the surface that got in contact with that chemical can still have dangerous residues. The best thing to do is to avoid these toxic agents. Green products can be used on any kind of surface because they don’t leave harsh chemicals. Natural sources are giving enough cleaning power without the need to add chemicals. If there are any residues left, these are safe.

 Lastly, specialists took into consideration the water supply. Toxic cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that are released down the drain into the water supply. These chemicals cannot be removed by water treatment plants and they eventually get in the plants, the soil and the food that people consume. Eco – friendly products leave no residues in the water supply and don’t harm the soil and the plants.

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