Commercial air fresheners are harmful for everyone. When inhaling all those perfumes, dyes and petro – chemicals, people can end up with serious health problems. Moreover, numerous air fresheners are made of phthalates, an ingredient that can cause cancer. There are various alternative ways to refresh the air and avoid all these dangerous substances. Sprinkling baking soda and opening your windows are just a few of these methods.

 The Aura Cacia grapefruit essential oil can also be used to freshen the air in your house. This oil smells citrusy, sweet and delicious. When mixed with baking soda it offers a fresh and tasty smell. Moreover, it is not toxic because it’s made from natural essential oils. It is available in both organic and conventional types. Another excellent natural air freshener is the olive candle lamp. Most candle lamps don’t have such a strong smell, but the Aura Cacia Candle diffuses a nice smell. Plus, it has an interesting and modern design. Also, it’s small and can be placed anywhere in the house.

 The JR Watkins Green Tea and Aloe room spray is an efficient method to freshen the air. It does not contain any harmful or toxic ingredients and it leaves the home smell great. It eliminates nasty odors in a nontoxic and natural way. Another natural spray is the Clean Air Spray. This all – purpose deodorizer does not only cover bad smells, but it also eliminates them. It is free of harsh chemicals and is made only of plant essences.

 In time, your carpets can take in numerous unpleasant odors. To freshen them up, you can use the Zeofresh Carpet Deodorizer. It contains zeolite, a volcanic mineral that eliminates and traps odors. You will finally get rid of the moldy smell. This deodorizer can also be used to absorb nasty odors and moisture in bathrooms, diaper pails and refrigerators. Another product containing zeolite is the OmniZorb Liquid Odor Eliminator. This spray does not include gases and can be used for every room in the house.

 The last three natural air fresheners are tea tree essential oil, the essential cedar sachets and the eucalyptus bunch. They are efficient, natural and nontoxic and can eliminate odors from stinky rooms. Put them in bowls and place them all over the house. This way, your rooms will smell fresh and look good for a long period of time.

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