It has been demonstrated that when a fantastic idea appears on the market, other industries will try to include it as their own and somehow relate to it. Well, this happened with sustainability as well.

 However, the industry that embraced the trend at its fullest is without a doubt the cleaning industry. It started slow, and it is still facing resistance from many veterans; but its progress cannot be denied. The past few years have become greener and greener, and many harmful substances that used to be contained by most chemical cleaning products were slowly removed from their composition.

 Still, in order for something to make a difference, it needs to be made at large scale. For this reason, the decision that made the Western Washington University (WWU) switch to an entirely non-toxic system was mainly due to an agreement, between the associate director of facilities, the custodial management team and the in-house professional cleaners. And this couldn’t have worked if everyone hadn’t approved the ideas.

 Furthermore, there were many more factors that contributed to the change. One of the most important of them was the realization that technology could be combined with vision. Also, there was the need to respond to clients’ requirements who were asking for a chemical-free product which would enable them to live in a safe, eco-friendly environment. And finally, there was the standing goal WWU had from the beginning: to create a sanitary, yet healthy environment that would not feature any dangers.

 Moreover, becoming a non-toxic facility was not easy and difficulties occurred at every corner, but the members of the maintenance department didn’t give up and they stood by their goals. They began slowly, firstly by introducing ionized water among cleaning products usually used by the staff. Then, they hosted special trainings and added new equipment. All these contributed to a chemical-free system. The transition was smooth and everyone had enough time to get used to the changes and most importantly, acknowledge the major benefits.

 Fortunately, it was not hard at all because the effects could be seen instantly. It was much easier to keep a place clean without spending a lot of time to remove residues and the air quality improved. Also, professional cleaners began mentioning that they noticed how surfaces that were once dull, now had a much nicer appearance. Overall, sustainability is the future of cleaning because the ingredient in the products are safer, chemical free at last.

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