The eco feature was once only for people who were part of environmentalist groups that were fighting to save our plant. However, as the time passed and the problems became more and more serious, others have grown into being conscious of the earth’s issues as well. Therefore, recycling, reducing the level of pollution and waste is something that concerns all of us especially now that every single gesture counts. For a better comprehension of the matter we all should take a better look at the products we use in our everyday life.

 For instance, the cleaning industry is much more harmful for the environment than you might have expected. And it is continuously growing. The cleaning products we use and that can be found in supermarket contain extremely toxic substances that end up in the soil and water reserves polluting the natural environment. Not to mention that most packages are not biodegradable and so on. This is why green cleaning is an important step towards a greener planet, and the majority of people seem to have understood that. Only in 2009 they spent almost $560 million on green cleansers and laundry products, increasing with 22% the sales of the eco-friendly cleaners.

 This is great news because going green is so much easier these days. Ecological cleaning products can be simply bought from the supermarket and they are not even as expensive as they once used to be. On the other hand, the development of this new industry gives entrepreneurs a new chance of building a successful business and marketing eco-friendly items.

 In addition, this trend is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Environmental disasters are not going to vanish overnight and the planet’s issues will not be solved so easily. They have immense dimensions that it would be incredibly difficult to make a visible change, not to mention that making them disappear completely is literally impossible. However, each and every one of us should bring out contribution to the wellbeing of the planet, and we can start from our homes. Make greener choices with regard to the food you eat, the cleaning products you use, save up resources, and recycle. If we stop using toxic cleansers, save up water and electricity, and throw our garbage in the right place, we can say we have helped a bit to the salvation of the planet.

 Although one individuals going green won’t make a different, but 1 million could certainly make the Earth healthier, better, stronger.

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