These days, going green has become a real trend and most people have understood the importance of using environmental friendly products. However, the US Environmental Protection Agency mentioned that there are many products on the market that claim to be green and in fact are not. The best and safest products are those that contain ingredients that don’t harm humans and nature, and can be used without having any side effects. These are usually based on substances such as vinegar, soda, essential oils and lemon juice. They clean just as well as regular, chemical products only they are not dangerous. Let us have a closer look at the best green products you probably already have in your home and you can use for a safe, effective cleaning.

 The first and most commonly used item is backing soda. It is an entirely natural product which can be used to scrub difficult stains, dirty pots and even the toilet. If it is blended with a small amount of water it will form a paste which can be used for any type of surface. Likewise, if you add vinegar to the paste you create one of the most popular and efficient cleaning solution there is.

 On second place we have vinegar, one of the most versatile cleaning products on the market. If you are concerned about its strong smell you should know that it goes away when the vinegar dries. You can use distilled white vinegar, which is the most affordable type and is extremely efficient. Just like backing soda, it works perfectly on any type of surface on your home and can be used for a lot of purposes, from disinfecting the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator and rubbing spots. It has countless uses, and can even remove difficult stains from the carpet and clean fixtures in your bathroom.

 Salt comes on third place. It is a powerful natural abrasive with a strong effect when used for cleaning pots and pans. It may require a little extra-scrubbing but it will leave the surface clean and it won’t damage it in any way. Also, you can sprinkle some salt on a fresh cut lemon and rub with it your metal pans. The results are awesome.

 Lemons are a natural disinfectant with a nice smell, being a great natural cleaning method. Likewise, for a stronger solution you can mix lemon juice with vinegar and a little water. You will obtain a multi-use cleaning solution that you can use for various areas in your house.

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