Eco-Cleaning is a Must

 It’s important to have a clean home for the sake of your family’s health. Most chemical cleaning products that currently are available on the market have extremely dangerous side-effects for both humans and the natural environment. They not only have too strong smells that are everything but pleasant, but they also contain very toxic substances, such as ethylene or glycol ether acetate. Likewise, if these substances are absorbed by the skin they can damage greatly the internal organs, especially if used for a longer period of time. And even the smells are dangerous because they cause dizziness and nausea if inhaled. For all these reasons, you should consider using eco-friendly cleaning products, instead of chemical-based products. They are much safer and leave surfaces just as clean.

 You should search for the Design for the Environment label, which is sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It indicates that the product has been tested and that it is not toxic and can be used safely. Likewise, the products that wear this label do not harm the environment, animals or humans like other cleaning substances. Also, Green Seal is another environmental friendly label. The company is a non-profit, independent organization which classifies the products according to their efficiency and the impact they have on the environment.

What is more, you can always make you own cleaning solutions. The most effective and popular substances usually used for cleaning are lemon juice, vinegar and backing soda, and they are frequently mixed with hot water. For example, to obtain an ultra-efficient cleaning solution mix ¼ cup of backing soda, ½ cup of vinegar and ½ gallon of water. You will obtain a paste which can be used for all sort of stains or dirt and will leave any surface shiny. Also, it is entirely safe, does not have a toxic smell and doesn’t come with negative side-effects.

 Likewise, you can prevent unnecessary waste during the cleaning process. To do this, you can stop using disposable paper towels and opt for a microfiber cloth. For instance, a fabric made from a strong material such as terrycloth if it is soaked in extra-hot water will remove almost any grime or dirt from the surfaces. Finally, if you usually use a professional cleaning team to take care of your home make sure they are using green products. Even if they claim to use green products check them out before hiring just to be sure.

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